Book a carving workshop


Book a date for your carving workshop with Bonz N Stonz.

Design and carve your own jade, bone, or shell jewellery piece to take home with you.


  • NZ Jade Carving from $190.
  • Paua Carving from $100.
  • Bone Carving from $100.


Please note that designing and carving a piece can take between 2 – 4 hours to complete. We are open at 9am and the latest booking time we accept is 1pm.

Size of the piece

The design size for pieces is 5cm by 6cm.

Booking Disclaimer

Please complete the booking form AT LEAST 24 hours before you wish to arrive. We are unable to confirm bookings outside of operating hours (9am – 5pm Monday to Sunday). A confirmation email will be sent out once the booking is accepted. Please do not show up unless you have received the confirmation email. If you have not received an email feel free to shoot us an email or to give us a call on 03 755 6504 within operating hours.